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TITLE: Red Light Jihad: Thai Vice Under Attack


ROLE: Director of Photography | Co-Producer | Editor

DESCRIPTION: This piece was originally published by the Global Post on December 8, 2014 (

A short documentary on jihadi attacks against sleaze in Thailand’s southern borderlands. Much of the video focuses on Sungai Golok, a surreal sex tourism hotspot that Thailand’s tourism authorities don’t like to talk about. It’s a little bit Tijuana and a little bit Kabul — a party town raging in the middle of an Islamic insurgency.

Everything that makes Thailand notorious is there: booze, late nights and prostitution. In lieu of Western men, the city’s brothels attract guys from nearby Malaysia, where raunchy nightlife is forbidden under Sharia law. Each night, men wade into a conflict zone where guerrillas wage war to wrench free a new Islamic state. The hostilities have racked up more conflict deaths in the last decade than the Gaza Strip.

Co-Produced with Patrick Winn